The Supernatural & CWRPF Holiday Exchange 2021 Sign-Up Post

Welcome to the exchange you’ve been waiting for all year - 2021’s round of spn_j2_xmas!

This is a Secret Santa style fanworks exchange for the SPN and CWRPF fandom. Whether you have participated all 13 years, or have just stumbled upon this awesome event, everyone is invited to participate. No LJ account is necessary - you can sign up here in an anonymous comment, and when it comes to posting your gift, mods will post the header and link to your fic for you.

How it works:
  1. Sign up now in the comments with a list of ships/prompts you'd like fic or art for, and also what you're able to do.

  2. The mods will then match you with another participant to create a gift for.

  3. Over the next couple months, create your gift!

  4. Post your gift to this community any time during the first three weeks of December.

  5. Enjoy the gift someone made for you!

Art, fic, and vids are all welcome as are any and all pairings or single characters. Despite the community name, you can request all manner of popular pairings or rarepairs, for example Jack/Castiel, Rowena gen, Sam selfcest, Osric/Genevieve, or whichever other pairings float your boat.

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Sign-ups will run for one week, from today Friday, September 17th to 11:59pm PST on Friday, September 24th. You should then receive an email with your assignment by Monday, September 27th. We'll post when they've been sent out and ask everyone to confirm receipt.

Posting of gifts will run from December 1 to December 25, 2021. You can post your gift any time in that range - there are no assigned posting dates - and we'll be checking in with you along the way. We will give you full posting instructions at the end of November, so don’t worry about that now.

If you sign up, we would also recommend joining and watching the community now (and/or our community on Twitter) so that you can be granted posting access and so that you don't miss out on any information.

If you have participated in any of the past rounds and have changed your LJ name since or are now using DW/Tumblr/AO3, please let us know. This is to try and prevent people getting the same match-ups as they've had in the past - we want to keep things new for everyone!

Any questions, please send them to the mod email address: spnj2xmas @ gmail.com

Pinch-hitters, as always, are lifesavers. A post will go up nearer the time pinch-hitters are needed, asking for your sign-ups. ♥

Also please feel free to help promote and invite your friends. Here are banners to share!

Here's to another fantastic round!

Coming Soon: The 2021 Round of SPN-J2-Xmas!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the 2021 round of your favourite Supernatural holiday exchange...spn_j2_xmas!

Sign-ups will open this Friday (in 2 days!) So get excited, spread the word, and join us Friday, September 17th! As in previous years, sign-ups will run for a week (to September 24th) and assignments should start going out around September 27th. You don't need to have a Livejournal or Dreamwidth to participate, everyone is welcome!

All the details will be given in the coming sign-up post, but if you have any immediate questions please feel free to email spnj2xmas@gmail.com or leave a comment on this post.

@spnj2xmas on Twitter

Spread the word, and we hope to see you soon!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Your mods, glovered & oddishly
J2 Reverse Bang Mod

Pairing Reveal & 1st Check In

Here is the big reveal!

1. jdl71 & lilredwulfe
2. aomasade & i_o_r_h_a_e_l
3. darklittleheart96 & samsbighonkintiddies
4. emmatheslayer & annie46
5. bluefire986 & sasha-dragon
6. phoenix1966 & jackandthesoulmates
7. kelios & yohkobennington
8. amberdreams & herminekurotowa
9. alexiescherryslurpy & amypond45
10. dwimpala67 & KassandraScarlett
11. tx_devilorangel & tammy_ren
12. jdl71 &yohkobennington
13. aomasade & aomasade
15. emmatheslayer & lilredwulfe
16. bluefire986 & junkerin
17. phoenix1966 & tammy_ren
18. kelios & annie46
19. jdl71 & amypond45
20. aomasade & kelios
22. emmatheslayer & samsbighonkintiddies
23. bluefire986 & merenwen76

This Check In is for EVERYONE.
I just want to make sure all groups have contacted one another and are starting to work on their prompts together!

Here is the link for the Check In #1.
Please, if you have more than one partner, fill out a form for each.

You have until August 30th to fill it out!
Yuan Xing Liang

My Mate

Written for the 2021 ABO Tropes Challenge
Title: My Mate
Author: jdl71
Pairing: Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles
Rating: Explicit
Trope: First Time
Medium: Fic
Summary: Believing that no alpha would want an omega like himself, especially Jared, the alpha he’s in love with, Jensen hides his omega status and the fact that he’s never been with anyone before.
Word Count: 5,815
Artist: dwimpala21
Beta: rocketmojo

My Mate


spooky dean

2021 pairings announced

Ready to wander out into the dark?  Our fantastic crew of writers and artists in this round of SPN Eldritch Bang will take you on a delightful tour of the dangerous, disturbed, and eerie.

The Hiroshima Wick Effect

Author: raidensrealm | Artist: bluefire986 

The Vengence of the Bride

Author: dwimpala21 | Artist: emmatheslayer 


Author: venhedish | Artist: Alexiescherryslurpy 

Demonic Desires

Author: jdl71 | Artist: lotrspnfangirl 


Author: EnigmaLynne | Artist: quickreaver 

Shadow's Disguise

Author: AnOddSock | Artist: amberdreams 

Eyes in the Dark

Author:  posingasme | Artist: blindswandive 

Dream Evil, The Tale of Yagathlu

Author: EveLovesApples | Artist: blindswandive 

Knock Knock

Author: 1bad_joke | Artist: bluefire986 

Alice Etcetera

Author: akajed | Artist: AnOddSock

We Are The Monsters

Author: captain-sodapop | Artist: amberdreams 


Author: julia-sets | Artist: midnightsilvers 

Your Worst Nightmare

Author: wincest_whore | Artist: Alexiescherryslurpy

Golden Embers

Author: WhisperOfTheHeart925 | Artist: lotrspnfangirl 

exhausted bunny

A new writing community is opening up

It's called Writerly People and you can find out more about it here

It's a site about writing, encouraging, and bouncing ideas off each other. Cerezamarrero is anxious that it remain about writing, the process, our experiences and thoughts about future projects.

You might want to give it a check out!