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Fighting My Demon

Written for the 2019 SPN Eldritch Bang
Author: jdl71
Artist: emmatheslayer
Beta: cillab42

This is a gift for wincest_whore. I hope you enjoy it!

Word Count: 10,062
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Incest, Wincest, Top Dean, Bottom Sam, Bondage, Non-Con, Rape, Possession, Secrets, Pining, Mutual Pining, Blood Sharing, Hurt, Angst

Summary: Dean discovers Sam in a very compromising situation. Hurt and confused, Dean accepts an offer that will take away his pain.


Read the story here: AO3


Happy Birthday kenda1l

Happy Birthday kenda1l


[reposted post] Posting Announcement

Sorry for the delay. I had a few groups that were having some issues and wanted to make sure they were all cleared up before I made the announcement.

October 13
1. ellerkay & blindswandive

October 14
4. laughablelament & nisaki-chan

October 15
8. twoboys2love & leafzelindor

October 16
11. smalltrolven & tx_devilorangel

October 17
6. sci_fis & emmatheslayer

October 19
10. jdl71 & cherie_morte

October 20
13. amypond45 & amberdreams

October 21
16. ncdover & sandy79

October 22
9. wicked-wincest-writer & bluefire986

October 23
7. raving_liberal & kuwlshadow

October 24
14. sarasaurussex & bluefire986

October 25
17. amusawale & tx_devilorangel

October 26
2. runedgirl & a_biting_smile

October 27
15. paperann & 2blueshoes

October 28
5. zee487 & an

If you see a mistake, please contact me ASAP! I did my best to follow all the input you gave me, but mistakes may have happened.

If you find that you will not be able to post on your date, please contact me ASAP and I will see what we are able to work out.

Happy Birthday fireffly

Happy Birthday fireffly


[reposted post] Important Dates (a.k.a. The Schedule) for 2019/2020

Here's the schedule!

Sign-ups: September 3rd - September 29th.

Claims Preview: October 1st - October 4th.

1st Round of Claims: Saturday, October 5th at 12 PM EST

2nd Round of Claims: Sunday, October 6th at 12 PM EST

Posting Begins: February 14th, 2020

Open posting from Feb. 14th through March 14th

[reposted post] The SPN_ReverseBang Posting Schedule 2019!

Hello teams!
You should be in touch with your partner by now:) If you haven't been able to reach them, email the mod account asap, so we can sort things out. There is no judgement; it's simply to find out what's going on in order to move along. If you receive a modmail, please reply as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT: Please use YOUR ART CLAIM NUMBER in all communications!

SCHEDULE RB2019Collapse )
Guidelines & advice for a happy Reverse Bang experience
Now that everyone has received their assignments, here are some suggestions that will hopefully help make this a wonderful fandom experience for all:)

Every artist/author team dynamic will be different. Some teams will be more intense, with high levels of communication almost daily to create a great project together. Other teams will be more casual, with only the occasional email as both parties work separately and come together at the end for a master post. There is no right or wrong way to handle this challenge, and it's to the discretion of each artist/author team to figure out what works for them. The only requirement is that both parties be civil and respectful towards each other during the process.

If there are problems between you and your artist/author, please try your best to work it out. If, however, they are being unresponsive or extremely uncooperative, you may mail the mod account and we will do our best to help resolve the issue.

Details about How to Post will go up when it's closer to November, but here's are a couple of things to keep in mind.
There will be a general check in for artist/author pairings on Friday October 18, just to hear how everybody's doing:)
Mandatory Writer Rough Drafts are due on Sunday November 3, but feel free to send it whenever you're ready. Drafts should be at least 2,500 words long. (The minimum FINAL word count is 3,000 words. You are absolutely welcome to write more, but this is not a Big Bang, so no need for Big stress;)
Authors, make sure your artist has a copy of the draft as well, should they want it to create additional art, and so they can squee over it with you!

Have fun collaborating! Can't wait to see what y'all come up with:)

REMINDER: Please use YOUR ART CLAIM NUMBER in all communications!

Schedule, Rules and FAQ | Betas | Pinch Hits | Modmail: spnreversemod@gmail.com

Happy Birthday cherie_morte

Happy Birthday cherie_morte



There’s nothing better than hearing your daughter ask, “Is Dad gone?” Yes, I told her. “Then put Supernatural on!” she said as she ran down the stairs to join me on the couch. That’s my girl! She’s curled up on the loveseat, while I’m on the couch & we’re watching In My Time of Dying.

Yuck 🤢

Well, it was inevitable. With one child sick for a week, I’m now fighting whatever she had.

But, on the bright side, both of my art submissions for the SPN Reverse Bang have been claimed. I was really worried that one of them wouldn’t be picked but, before round 3 opened, it had been claimed. I can’t wait to see what the authors create.

Now, my couch, pillows, blanket and a horror movie are calling my name.

What I've been up to

It's been a busy few months writing-wise.

I've finished my DWBB fic & it's now with yonkyu for beta'ing. Rough drafts are due by 11/10 & fic previews go up for art claims on 11/14. I can't wait to see who claims it for art & what that person creates.

My J2 Reverse Bang fic is with jj1564 fo beta'ing & I've also sent it to the artist bluefire986 who's art I claimed. Posting announcements come out on 10/28.

I've finished my SPN_Cinema fic, with art that I created. My fic is based on Vampire Boys & I post on 11/13. Can you guess who might be a vampire in this fic?

I've started my SWBB & the rough draft is due 11/25. I'm in pretty good shape for that. I'm just not sure if it's going to be a mini bang or not.

I have to start my Spook Me fic & that's planned for this weekend. The prompts are pretty interesting & one out of the two I love, so I'll see where they lead me. Posting opens for that on 10/26.

I've signed up for SPN Meant To Be for the first time. This should be interesting.

I'm done my Eldritch fic & emmatheslayer claimed my fic for art. We post on 10/16.

My SMPC fic is done & just needs to be beta'd before my posting date of 10/20.

I also need to start my SPN_J2_XMas fic. I got some great prompts, so it shouldn't be too hard to create something.

My Wincest Big Bang fic is done & I got to see a preview of the art cherie_morte has created for this. Posting starts on 10/13, but I haven't seen the dates come out yet.

So, that about sums it up for writing, not to mention the fills for prompts that catch my eye or drabble prompts that speak to me.

I created art for the J2 Reverse Bang as well & rocketmojo claimed two of the prompts & disneymagics claimed the other. How lucky am I?


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