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Unexpected Question

I got several requests for a fic where Steve pops the question.

brumeier, brumeier I hope you like this.

Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Word count: 1,810
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, includes Grace and Charlie
Warnings: Boys Kissing, Established Relationship, Day At The Beach, Marriage Proposal
Summary: Steve asks Danny a question.

Can also be read here on AO3 under jld71: "https://archiveofourown.org/works/14046693"

Steve sat in his office, door closed and safely ensconced behind a glass wall. Yes, Danny could see him but he at least he had a chance to cover his tracks should he just happen to walk in. He pulled out a file and flipped it open and looked down at the list he’d been working on. Discretion was at the forefront of his mind. He still needed time to plan his surprise. He wanted it to be perfect. If Danny happened to come in he could play it off like he was looking over a report.

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Unexpexted Find

Written for a prompt by brumeier brumeier: Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, finding something unexpected tucked into a dresser drawer.

Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Word count: 683
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams
Warnings: Boys Kissing, Surprises, Fluff and Angst
Summary: Danny makes unexpected find.

Can also be read here on AO3 under jld71: ""https://archiveofourown.org/works/13927365"

Written for a prompt by brumeier: Hawaii Five-0, Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams, finding something unexpected tucked into a dresser drawer.

Unexpected Find:

They had only been living together for several weeks, bordering on a month or two now. Steve had asked Danny to move into his home, their home now. Danny had smiled and happily agreed. It had taken some getting used to. Danny was still getting used to it. He had been on his own since the divorce from Rachel and was used to not having to compromise or answer to anyone.

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banner by dizzojay

Anyone who has been with us for the long haul knows that this was one of the first big challenges that we ever did as a community. For seven years running now it has been our flagship challenge and it is a hallmark of who we are, so of course we are thrilled to continue this wonderful spn_bigpretzel tradition!

This is the sign-up post FOR AUTHORS who wish to participate in the 7th Annual spn_bigpretzel Spring Fic Exchange.

ARTISTS will sign-up at a later date, once we know which stories need illustrating.  And, yes, you can participate as both an author and an artist if you wish.

How long does the fic have to be? A minimum of 1000 words.  The sky is the limit if your muse really latches on, but don't get too ambitious.  Remember, you're writing this as a gift and you have limited time.  We don't want anyone to go giftless when the final posting date comes.

How does it work for authors? In a nutshell, anyone who wants to participate will need to include 3-5 prompts on this post and list any preferences they may have (see questionnaire below). When author claiming starts, you will claim a person, not just one of their prompts. That person -- along with all of their prompts -- then gets crossed off the "available" list. .

How does it work for artists? Midway through the process, we'll ask each author to post a short blurb about their story so that the artists who'd like to participate can stake a claim. (Artists are expected to produce a story banner as a minimum, but if your muse is well and truly prodded, then go for it)  The author and the artist should work together to produce the best outcome for each other and for the original prompter!

In the past, we've always aimed to coincide our posting date for this exchange with Sam's birthday - 2nd May.  Unfortunately, this year we've kicked off a little too late for that to be realistic, so we're going to aim for final posting at the end, rather than the beginning of May.

Schedule (may be subject to very minor changes)
Prompt Posting: Monday March 19th - Friday March 30th
Author Claiming: Saturday March 31st - Friday April 6th April
Posting of story synopsis for Artist Claiming: Friday 27th April
Finished story/art posting: Friday May 25th - (period length will depend on number of participants)

Please copy and paste the questions below into the comments and fill in the blanks along with leaving your 3-5 prompts.  Remember, this is Bigpretzel, so keep the prompts light in tone.  No dark!fic, no rip-your-heart-out angst, nothing intended to depress the reader for weeks, and no RPS, please.  Think humorous or aww...  And crossover prompts are more than welcome as long as they, too are light or humorous. You know the how it all works :)

Fav. Pairings or Gen?
Maximum Preferred Rating?
Other Notes/Preferences?


Note: This little questionnaire is intended to aid an author in tailoring their story to your preferences. It probably doesn't need to be said, but please don't bash in your preferences. If you *really* dislike a certain character, genre, story arc, etc, bear in mind that not everyone will share your views, so please be respectful!

Musings From Dakota

Dakota here, I stole Mom's laptop for a little bit while she was in the other room.
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Happy Birthday 🎂🎉🎈

Sixteen years ago today these two incredible people came into the world. Happy birthday.


Snow Day!

It was a snow day for me today since my building was closed. My office has only ever shut down 4 maybe 5 times due to snow in 19 years. We live in NH, Live Free or Die!

So, what's a girl to do? Read, write & watch TV.

Oh, and listen to the cats running around the house. I swear, they have lead paws, or rocks in their pockets. All I heard all day was boom, boom, boom as they ran back and forth. At one point they were upstairs running in our bedroom & I thought it was our daughter.

I thought cats were supposed to be graceful & stealthy. I think my two missed the memo!

[reposted post] Art Preview

Here is the art for this year's Wincest Reverse Bang!!!

Art Preview

Claims will be on March 10th at 12 pm EST (US Eastern Standard Time or look up New York City).
  Here is a Time Zone Converter.