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Gift for runedgirl

Written for the 2019 SPN-J2-XMas Exchange

Written for: runedgirl
Based on the prompt; sometimes Dean likes to make Sam jealous
Beta: jj1564
Word Count: 6,641
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Original Female Characters, Original Male Characters
Warnings: Top Sam, Bottom Dean, Oblivious Sam, Hurt Dean, Jealous Sam, Jealousy, Manipulation, Flirting, Established Relationship

Summary: Dean feels neglected by Sam and sets out to make him jealous, hoping that Sam will give him some attention.

Yuan Xing Liang

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

What a difference a year makes. This time last year Dakota was recovering from double hip surgery and he and I spent this holiday in the ICU. This year, we were home, surrounded by family and I finally got my hands on my newest nephew Evan.

We had a great day.
Naughty naughty

Announcing Crowley's Christmas Fic Exchange - 2019

Right, proles. Pin back your lugholes and listen.

Because, apparently they can’t cope without me, the bunch of inadequates that run this place have asked me if I would help them again to organise the holiday celebrations here because they're all too bone idle to do the bloody job themselves.

So here we go.  It's Crowley’s Christmas Fic Exchange mark III!

And by Christmas, I mean all the big mid-winter holidays which you lot feel the need to celebrate - you know, Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, Kwanzaa ... what-sodding-ever.  I don't care what you celebrate, I’m just happy to enter into whatever arrangements are necessary to help you receive the gift you most want in this sorry little shindig. Yeah, I know.  The indignities I suffer for a few stupid souls …

So, here's how it works:

Prompting will begin NOW and run for one week until midnight on Tuesday 3rd December wherever you are in the world.  Post your prompts in the comments below; remember the spirit of this place (no I don't mean a bottle of Craig), I mean the spirit of fun and fluff and sunshine.

Excuse me while I go and puke rainbows!

Submit three to five prompts which should be fics or art YOU would love to receive. Prompts can be gen or slash and can be as general or as specific as you like.  Prompts don't have to be Christmas/holiday related, but, I mean, c'mon - it's a holiday fic exchange; I’m working my perfecty-formed arse off to get this bleeding hoedown organised -  at least TRY to make a sodding effort and include at least one holiday related prompt.

Feel free to give guidance on your preferences too; I want to make sure you get exactly what you want so I can justify nabbing your souls make you happy.  Therefore, for instance you might say:

Favourite Character: Crowley
Least favourite character: That smug git, Dean

But anyway, I digress ...

Remember, this is an exchange, so by prompting, you are also signing up to produce something for someone else. You know, a bit like a Crossroads deal, only far more fun - you get your wish, I get your soul; but without all the waiting ten years bollocks.

One more thing I need to add. That dopey bint Dizzo has the organisational skills of a peanut, and so time is of the essence.  Therefore claiming of prompts will begin on Wednesday 4th December, and will be open only to people who have submitted prompts. 

Claiming will continue for one week, (or until all prompts are claimed). I'll put up a separate post for claims, because we’ll wait until Hell freezes over – and I’ll never let that happen - before Dizzo gets her act together and does it.

Also, because we're running to a tight time schedule, the minimum word count for fic will be 750 words.

You can start producing your illiterate tripe masterpiece as soon as your claim has been granted and fics/art willl be due back to me at my email address crowleyschristmas@gmail.com Monday 23rd /Tuesday 24th December.  That gives you up to three weeks to do your stuff (the sooner you claim, the more time you get). 

Fic and Art will be posted at the comm by me from 25th December - 6th January (in other words, the 12 days of Christmas.)  What can I say?  I'm just a traditionalist!

So that's it.  Get prompting; get your wish granted, and sell your miserable soul to me.  It only takes one kiss, and I’ve got Tictacs grant somebody else a little holiday magic.

Byebye Darlings!

Crowley x

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Art for Ineffable Love

Art for Ineffable Love by rocketmojo


The artwork when posted was titled: Demon Spawn.

Jared is a demon, but he doesn’t share the same views on humanity, wanting to corrupt them as his brethren do. He views humans as something to cherish. He’s an oddity and for that, he’s been banished to live on Earth. He lives a solitary life, too afraid to get attached to a human for fear of hurting them should they find out the truth about what he really is. That is, until he meets Jensen by chance and falls in love with the human.

rocketmojo claimed my art and prompt, creating the story titled Ineffable Love.

See the artwork created to accompany the story here AO3

Read the story here AO3
Yuan Xing Liang

Artwork for Mate Wanted

Art for Mate Wanted by rocketmojo


The artwork when posted was titled: Mate Wanted.

The flash of green eyes to blue tells Jensen everything he ever needed to know. He’s not an alpha or even a beta, he’s an omega. He’s in need of a mate and his parents decide to take out an ad in the local paper, much to his dismay. He’s sure he’ll never meet a suitable alpha to mate with this way. Every alpha he’s been shown off to has been wrong in one way or another, that is until a certain six-foot-four alpha by the name of Jared answers the ad.

rocketmojo claimed my art and prompt, creating the story titled Mate Wanted.

See the artwork created to accompany the story here AO3

Read the story here AO3
Yuan Xing Liang

Art for I Dream of Jensen

Art for I Dream of Jensen by disneymagics


The artwork, when posted was titled: What Is Your Wish?

Jared finds a lamp at an antique shop, buys it and takes it home where he polishes it. To his surprise, it’s actually a holding lamp for a Djinn named Jensen. Jensen reveals that he is Jared’s to command, anyway that Jared sees fit. Since Jensen is magical, Jared figures he can help Jared get the guy he’s had a crush on. Since Jared is his master, Jensen is obliged to do as Jared wishes. As Jensen fulfills Jared’s wishes, Jensen begins to fall in love with Jared, something a Djinn is cursed to do. In doing so, he puts all his life/magical energy into making Jared happy. Jensen becomes weaker as he ties himself to Jared, giving Jared all the happiness he can. As Jensen’s magic weakens, Jared’s eyes begin to open to reality; to the jerk he’s dating, that Jensen is dying, his wishes have caused this and he’s falling in love with Jensen, but he has no idea how to fix things. Jensen can’t reveal that he is doomed to die and the only way to save him is if Jared loves him for himself, not his magic. Jared’s love for him will break the curse, but not only can’t Jensen say anything, he really doesn’t think that Jared would ever love him. Jensen continues to fulfill his duties to his master at the cost of his own life.

disneymagics claimed my art and prompt, creating the story titled I Dream of Jensen.

See the artwork created to accompany the story AO3

Read the story here: https://disneymagics.livejournal.com/46438.html
Yuan Xing Liang

Art for Flinch

Art for Flinch by storyspinner70


The artwork, when posted for claiming was titled: What Will You Offer Me?

Art prompt: Jared is an experienced dom. He has everything he could ever want, a great job, prestige, money, he owns his own home, except someone to share that side of his life with. Jensen is a sub who has been hurt by his last dom. He’s still holding out hope that he can find the right dom, someone who will see him as more than just a play thing. Jared is introduced to Jensen one night while at a BDSM club he frequents and a spark of interest is ignited in them both. Jared has to win Jensen over, convince him he is not only looking for a sub, but someone to spend his life with.

storyspinner70 claimed my art and prompt, creating the story titled Flinch.

See the artwork created to accompany the story AO3

Read the story here: AO3